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Welcome to ODataHQ, a mobile backend-as-a-service platform, rapidly create all the backend services you need to power your mobile apps. Send push notifications, host code, quickly create REST APIs and know that it will scale.

How it works

Our Data Model Builder

Our Data Model Builder makes it easy for you to create metadata models that represent the data you store. Create a new workspace, add properties and collections and save, it’s just that easy!

Our Triggers

One of our most powerful features! Create triggers that run at the collection level on a workspace. Make a request to add a new user to your users collection in your MyAppWorkspace and then create a trigger to run when the create is being performed. Simple!
C# triggers supported out of the gate!
(JS support coming soon!)

Our Query Designer

Our most beloved feature! You don’t even have to know OData to use our product because of our Query Designer.
Design queries for any workspace, we’ll generate the OData URI and pull the data so you can see the results.

Our Scaling

Another powerful feature! If you’re worried about scaling, don’t be. Scaling is our problem, not yours. Ease your mind and just leave the scaling to us!

Additional Features

Auto Optimizing Indexes

ODataHQ's infrastructure will automatically index your queries and will optimize for highly accessed queries. There is no need to write or manage indexes.

Try out our
Query Designer
for yourself!

No need to know OData to see how well our Query Designer can work for you!

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For Developers


At ODataHQ we make a priority to provide you with the tools and resources you need to be successful in the market place.

Our samples are applications written in different frameworks designed to show you how to implement OData services in real world use cases.

All of our samples are open source projects on GitHub and designed to work with your sample Acme workspace provisioned in every account.

View our samples on GitHub

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